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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James


Services Offered

With You Every Step of the Way

It is my intention to be able to offer support throughout the perinatal period. I have a number of services that cover all of our needs. Hypnobirthing is great to prepare yourself during pregnancy for the birth. Doula support can be relied on at any stage including pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. I am also a birth trauma practitioner and can support with perinatal trauma. 

Private Hypnobirthing Service

My individual service consists of four one-to-one sessions  in the privacy of your own home where you are able to pick desired times and dates that suit you from the online calendar and book them yourself. I recommend you leave a space of 3-7 days between your chosen sessions so that it has the best possible impact. Intensive courses are also available; please contact me to discuss this. 

You will receive the course material, The Hypnobirthing Book and the hypnobirthing audio downloads. I won't just disappear after our sessions, I can be available to support you throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born, so you can rest assured if you have any questions or concerns I will be at the other end of the phone / email / text.

Investment from £420

Young Couple Expecting

Group Hypnobirthing Sessions

In the current circumstances, group sessions are delivered live-streamed on Zoom.  Delivery will be in a group setting on a set day and time over a four week period.  Please see our booking page for further details. The group setting is ideal for meeting other parents to begin to build your parent network. This antenatal hypnobirthing course is delivered by birth professionals from MotherBirth who I work in collaboration with.  This course is delivered in an interactive and fun way; it is an informed birth preparation class with information on all you need to prepare for your birth, plus what to do once your baby arrives, including first aid and breastfeeding.


Together we provide a well rounded course for those looking to learn about birth and beyond. The course is usually held in a residential property or comfortable community space within the Greenwich area but due to COVID19 we are currently live streaming all classes. 

You will receive all the course material including hypnobirthing audio downloads, which are sent to you once you are booked on so you can start to practice your hypnobirthing immediately. You will also have our ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born.


Investment £249 per couple... please read the below notes.



Doula Service

If you are looking for more than a birth preparation course, I provide a doula service. In this role I support you both emotionally and physically; I support throughout your pregnancy, helping you to understand the journey ahead through informed antenatal education.   This will help to clear any doubts or concerns you may be experiencing, empowering you to make your own decisions and supporting you where you feel like you need it the most.  I will be present at your labour and the birth of your baby to support your psychological and your physical needs during this special time in your life. I will finally visit after your baby is born to be sure you feel supported, nourished and happy in your new venture as a parent, whether its for the first baby or tenth! 

From £1200


About Hypnobirthing

Welcome to Mighty Fine Mama. I am a fully qualified and insured KG hypnobirthing instructor, antenatal teacher, doula, birth trauma practitioner and mother. I have helped many couples to achieve their desired birth by exploring the biology, physiology and psychology of a birthing woman so that both mother and birth partner can leave the sessions feeling relaxed, confident and informed. The idea behind hypnobirthing isn't magic, it's logic and one that is scientifically backed up. Once a birthing woman allows her body to deeply relax, she allows nature to take its course and often this is one that is not scary, not painful and not impossible. Women were built to birth and with an antenatal education coupled with the powerful hypnobirthing techniques, KG hypnobirthing, it's a win-win. Mother and birth partner will feel great in their new found confidence around birth and will be able to journey into parenthood in the right mindset and most importantly give their new baby the best gift of all, a calmer more gentle birth.


Birth Trauma Recovery

Sometimes we can be negatively affected by birth, pregnancy, or a postpartum experience that leaves us with unwanted feelings.  I have both personally experienced this and witnessed this with the women I have supported as a doula and hypnobirthing teacher. I really wanted to be able to help and support my clients with these feelings but didn't know how to do so safely or effectively until I was pointed in the direction of the Traumatic Birth Recovery (TBR) 3 Step Rewind technique. So I not only had the therapy myself, I also trained with TBR and have been helping people to recover from their trauma ever since. 

The 3 Step Rewind Technique is a great therapy for those experiencing symptoms such as:  intrusive thoughts; anxiety; nightmares; difficulties visiting medical environments like hospitals or dentists; flashbacks (like you’re right there in the room again); intense distress when reminded of the event; physical symptoms such as crying/sweating/ shaking /nausea.  Some people find it difficult to be with their baby and feelings of low mood or postnatal depression can also be symptoms. This is unfortunately a far more common problem than we would like to admit but thankfully there is help with the TBR 3-Step Rewind method.


Feelings of sadness and unbalance can be a very normal experience during the postpartum period; we know this as the baby-blues, but in some cases these feelings are prolonged and can turn into other problems, like anxiety and depression if they are not addressed. If you think your are suffering from birth trauma and want to see if the 3 Step Rewind Technique is right for you, please book a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation. 

About Traumatic Birth Recovery (TBR) 3 Step Rewind Technique

This therapy a non-intrusive, safe and highly effective therapy method for de-traumatising people. It is completed over three separate sessions. You can expect to feel some immediate relief from the first session alone, with many people feeling completely free of their traumatic birth experience after completing all three sessions.

Session1 (approximately 90 minutes in length)

Hearing you, your story (should you wish to share it) and what you would like to be experiencing instead, with the symptoms of trauma lifted. You will be given a relaxation recording to listen to before the 2nd session.

Session 2  (approximately 60 minutes in length)

You will be deeply relaxed so that you can rewind, revisit and resolve the trauma whilst feeling safe and supported.

Session 3 (approximately 30-60 minutes)

Checking in to see how things are going and revisiting the positive goals you chose during our previous sessions. 

Investment £175 

Please note: You will need a quiet space to engage with the therapy if we are on zoom and you are joining from you home, so childcare is essential for the allocated time of the session.

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