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I'm Lucy

I am a Mighty Fine Mama

This is a family snapshot of me at my Aunt's house when I was pregnant with my third child; I love this particular photo because I remember feeling so happy and content at the time, I was looking forward to being a mother to another little life and I felt empowered by the hypnobirthing I was practicing. 


I love a strong cup of tea and a chat. I am a laid back, happy and a thoughtful individual and I love the company of other people.

I became a hypnobirthing teacher after the birth of my third child because I had experienced a difficult journey with my first child and suffered severe anxiety with my second so I decided to used the hypnobirthing technique for my third, was blown away by the results, (got a little evangelical about it!) and decided to train as a teacher. My third birth helped to heal my previous birth trauma and I don't believe that would have been possible without learning hypnobirthing. I have loved every minute of imparting my knowledge around labour and birth that I have gained over the years.


On top of hypnobirthing I have added to my trade along the way with antenatal training, doula training (including placenta encapsulation) and Traumatic Birth Recovery training using the 3-Step Rewind Technique.  I am also  a clinical hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist mainly working with folk suffering with anxiety and depression. 

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